Why I Still Love Being A DJ

The increasing impact of electric dance music on younger generation throughout the world since last few years has encouraged many people to be DJ or Disc Jockey, a person who plays popular recorded music at parties, clubs or on radio. In fact being a DJ is considered as a profession that is most enjoyable as they enjoy playing popular music at the most suitable venues not only in their own town but also all over the world.

The profession of DJ is considered as a most sought after job in this world after the successful live streaming of the festival of Ultra Music. People in this profession can have great time while producing popular music which makes thousands of people feel good while dancing on it. Professional DJs can lead a better life as they love being a DJ due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may include:

They get chance to dance and party with lots of people especially some of the most stunning and attractive women dancing sensuously on the songs played by them. You get highlighted while performing at such occasions.

You can remain in this profession even if you are over 40 years of age.

You can be a successful DJ even if you do not have professional knowledge about creating the best music

Girls get attracted to you more easily as you can wear clothes of latest fashion while playing music at parties and other similar occasions.

You need live an inept life as you have skills to entertain others by playing music as they like to listen to.

The artists of any genre can work in your collaboration while performing at any occasion

You can perform with the most popular celebrities of all ages even if you are still sweet sixteen or is not working as DJ since long

You can change your profession any time whether you have performed as DJ for few weeks or years as there is not time restrain in it.

You can be in this profession even if your English is not very good.

You can establish as a successful DJ even if your family owns a popular restaurant in the city and vice versa.

Your rider as DJ can contain your request for certain unreasonable things

You need not attend the party from the very start as you can entertain the guests of a party better if you jump into it after some time.

During your performance as DJ you can also play fireworks to make it more exciting

You can play the same songs several times while travelling to perform in various parts of the world.

You can wear various unusual things while performing at parties to attract more and more for twerking at the songs played by you

There is not educational binding on being DJ anywhere in this world as you can be one of them even after you have not completed your schooling or have completed your post graduation.

Thus I still love being DJ, for these reasons and many others.

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Booed By a Minister of Justice

Being a DJ is a dream come true for me and I can’t imagine being anything else in this life. I must admit that it has a lot of benefits as compared to the challenges, but there are those days that it just seems you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The last thing you want on your CV is people booing you off the decks. It can be both traumatizing to not just your career but to yourself too. I have had lots of days that I wish I would have jus stayed in bed and feigned sickness than gone out to DJ. It is a harrowing experience, and sometimes I ask myself how I survived that. But well, I did and am still a DJ, actually one of the best at this. So, the following is just a bit about the day that I wished I wasn’t even a DJ in the first place, and I would have just continued with my Law career instead of this.

On this particular day, I woke up as usual, and I was scheduled to DJ at this fundraising gala that was being hosted by the Minister of Justice. Now, this is one of the toughest crowds that I can say I have ever encountered. Luckily Google can help if you know the right buttons to click. I went online in search of what kind of music I should play for such an audience as there were going to be all these sorts of dignitaries and the cream of the society. I did quite a bit of research, and the results were rather funny than shocking because some of the artists that I was forced to get music of some I had never heard of. This is a surprise because being a DJ requires that at least you get to know most if not all the genres that are there. Well, I got my picks and bought some of that music online and got to practice with it in preparation for the show later that night. I was sure I was going to bring the house down.

I got to the show a few hours before it kicked off just to prepare myself and get the hang of the place. I got the hang of the place, and I was busy doing my thing in a few hours time. The night was going great, and it got to the part where the MC invited everyone to the dance floor, and I was asked to give my best. I played the music that I had downloaded, and they all stood there and just looked at me. For a moment I thought they were overwhelmed until one person booed me. I can stake my life on the fact that it was the minister of justice, but it was dark down there, so who can tell. Anyway, I reverted to the dancehall genre, and they were back on their feet dancing the night away. I was so embarrassed for being booed by a minister, and I won’t forget that experience until this day. I hope I forget it after today, though.

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Do’s and don’ts of being a DJ

Being a DJ is much more than just beat-mixing and playing great tunes. It is an art that requires you to rock the crowd while still leave them begging for more. In the past, the DJ job was very exciting and rewarding, but with the growing competition these days, upcoming DJs find it hard to enter this industry and earn a decent living

If you are an upcoming DJ, I have a few nuggets that will help you penetrate into this industry with ease. As a professional DJ who has been in this industry for several years now, and I have played everywhere from Ibiza to Japan, I have come up with a few Do’s and Don’ts for aspiring DJs who are looking to make it big.

Do’s and don’ts of being a DJ

DO: Always play for the crowd
First and foremost, you have to realize that being a DJ is not just about you, but it is about your crowd. Watch how the crowd reacts to the music you play and go on from there. I am not discouraging you from playing new tracks; just figure out what your crowd wants while still breaking the new tracks.

DO: Learn your craft
Prepare well before going on the deck. Know the INS and out of all your equipment and be able to troubleshoot it. In addition, always stay updated with the current technology. You don’t have to have your own latest gear, but it is good to be aware of the new trends in this industry; most importantly, the music.

DO: Be a team player
As DJs, our egos tend to carry us away making us think we are the best in the industry. However, if you want to succeed in this industry, steer clear from the ego. Learn to be part of a DJ team. Sometimes, the club might decide to shake up things by bringing a new DJ, but either way, do not let this get the best of you. You should instead focus your energy to prove why you are the best in the industry. Rock them with everything you got. I also found it very beneficial to support the other local DJs. You will be surprised how far you can go by doing this.

DO: Build a strong reputation and get promoters
You need to build a good reputation and get some promoters to support you. As you might be aware, it takes a lot of time to network and have a huge crowd hear you play. Personally, I played at a local joint for about one year before landing on my first huge gig. Therefore, do not be afraid to start from the bottom. Just play your best music, be cool, apply for more gigs and get promoters.

DON’TS: don’t blow your own horn
In my career as a DJ, I have seen some upcoming DJs who have only hit for a short- time but are eager to annoy and ditch their promoters. Remember, you cannot become a reputable DJ with just one or two gigs, no matter how cheerful and excited your crowd is. You will always need the promoters to get more gigs.

DON’T’S: Don’t get too wasted
If you get a gig, do not be a drunken idiot. This will only ruin the chances of becoming a big shot in this industry.

DON’TS: Don’t leave your deck when playing your tunes. Self explanatory.

Well, those are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of being a DJ.

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A Day In The Life of A DJ

Here, everyone thinks that being a DJ is the best job in the world – you get to travel a lot, play music for a living and hang out in the coolest clubs in the world. People seem to think of my job as clubbing and nothing more than that. I’m not trying to say I dislike what I do. In fact, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything but being a DJ is not as easy as most people think it is. I want to make you feel like you are next to me, from the moment I wake up to the moment after I finish with my gig. If you’re interested in that, please keep reading.

A Day In The Life of A DJ

Most days, I wake up around 11 AM. This might be a bit late by some peoples’ standards, but I need to get a good night of sleep and I fall asleep really late, sometimes even around 5-6 AM, especially if I DJ at a club that works until the sun comes up. My morning routine consists of a few simple things: first, I drink my coffee, eat breakfast and then I work out. You need to be in shape if you want to DJ, but not a lot of people would assume that.

My favorite part of the day starts when I come home from the gym. I shower again and feel fresh and pumped and then I just start playing around with my equipment. I have an amazing sound system and a little home studio, like most DJs: turntables, keyboards, computers, speakers, earphones, vinyl records, mixers – it’s all right there in my little studio. I sit down (sometimes even stand up, especially if I’m playing something energetic) and completely immerse myself into music. Different sound patterns, samples, vibrations, effects, colors, feelings and moods – that is what my reality consists of when I am making and mixing my music. I lose myself in that ocean of sound, completely and sometimes, I feel like I have left my own body and transcended into a different dimension – I know, I know, this sounds like such a cliche, but I’m just being honest. That moment when I feel like I’ve completely lost myself is when I know I’ve done something right. I know I’ve tapped into the infinite well of music and created a whole new sound out of nothing. However, these moments are rare. Most of the time I just play around with my equipment and try to come up with something. Sometimes I surprise myself and sometimes I come up with nothing.

After hanging around at home and making music I get ready if I have a gig that night. My equipment takes up a lot of room so it’s hard to carry it all around. But sometimes I just have to, because some clubs don’t have everything I need. When this happens I make sure the organizers provide transportation (most often a van) and a driver, so I get to the club on time and set up my equipment. After I get there and set it up, I start warming up and playing a little bit of music. I try to feel the mood and the energy of the club – all clubs are different and people are different, yet similar wherever you go, in a way. What I try to do is feel the pulse of a certain place and go with it. When I sense that I’ve done that I start mixing and playing. I like to animate people a lot too, so I ask for their support and try to energize them as much as I can. I always give my best and try to let them have the best time of their life, even if I sometimes fail.

I DJ for a few hours at least, but this depends on club owners more than anything and whether or not there are other DJs playing after or before me. Sometimes I stay at a club until 6 AM and sometimes I’m done by 1-2 AM. After I finish I go to the backstage area and try to rest there for a little while. I have a cold drink and usually talk to the club promoter or the owner. Then we arrange things, in detail, about how much I will get payed and what not. Most people are easy-going and pleasant, but there are exceptions. That’s usually when I involve my manager and try to smooth things out.

After all that I leave the venue and come home. My head usually feels a little heavy, for want of a better word and my ears are always ringing, even though I use earplugs to preserve my hearing. I take a shower and play some smooth jazz or ambient electronica to relax myself, until I fall asleep.

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How I got my start as a DJ

From an early age I wanted to be a DJ. DJ’s really fascinated me. And to me it seemed that all DJ’s had the world at their feet. Lovely ladies always thronged around the DJ’s in my town. DJ’s were famous. And some were raking in good money. But above all, I wanted to become a DJ thanks to my love of music. It is one way I thought I could express myself better musically.

However, as I grew older, I realized that DJing was not an avenue for me to become an overnight success. I also realized that some of the reasons I wanted to become a DJ were woefully wrong. After meeting a number of successful DJs, and a thorough introspection, I determined that I wanted to become a DJ, yes, but not because I wanted to become famous, rich, and popular with girls; rather, because I loved good music. But if money and fame were going to come through that, well and good; I only didn’t want to expect too much.

I became an apprentice to a DJing virtuoso who used to DJ in the town’s discos. But I also found a number of free software which helped me to hone my skills. For example, the Virtual DJ Home was very instrumental in refining my skills. It is entirely free but fully functional. The software supported as many decks as I wanted, and it features all the whistles and bells that I expected- it had the loops, sampling, recording, key lock, sync, and so on. Besides being fully featured, Virtual DJ Home is supported by the community and is absolutely free- no hidden charges.

But there comes a time when a mouse and a keyboard alone won’t accommodate all your DJing skills. So at some point I decided to invest in a turntable and all the necessary accessories. I was confident that my skills were improving. For example, I had come to know how to beat-match, phrase, mix, Equalizing and etc. These skills are critically important to a DJ.

Beatmatching helps to develop as well as tune the ears so that you are aware what you need to listen for. It will help you to know when tracks drift out of time or out of phase etc. And it also helps to have the two tracks you are mixing to play virtually at the same tempo.

Phrasing is the mixing together of tracks at particular points in the song.

Equalizing is the boosting or dropping of certain frequencies so that two different tracks can blend well together. I have to admit that equalizing proved daunting to me at first, but thanks to my capable teacher, I was able to overcome. Equalizing, I came to realize, is an art in itself. It is both a tool and a means of creative expression, all at the same time.

Upon receiving valuable instruction and being sure of my DJing skills, I set out to invest in even more advanced hardware. I was advised by my instructor that as a budding DJ, I need an all-in-one controller- and that is the first thing I bought by the way. I bought some other hardware- include a timecode, a vinyl and Mixer route, etc. In no time, I became a ‘go-to’ DJ in town. Nowadays I perform in numerous places and people are acknowledging my skills.

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