Booed By a Minister of Justice

Being a DJ is a dream come true for me and I can’t imagine being anything else in this life. I must admit that it has a lot of benefits as compared to the challenges, but there are those days that it just seems you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The last thing you want on your CV is people booing you off the decks. It can be both traumatizing to not just your career but to yourself too. I have had lots of days that I wish I would have jus stayed in bed and feigned sickness than gone out to DJ. It is a harrowing experience, and sometimes I ask myself how I survived that. But well, I did and am still a DJ, actually one of the best at this. So, the following is just a bit about the day that I wished I wasn’t even a DJ in the first place, and I would have just continued with my Law career instead of this.

On this particular day, I woke up as usual, and I was scheduled to DJ at this fundraising gala that was being hosted by the Minister of Justice. Now, this is one of the toughest crowds that I can say I have ever encountered. Luckily Google can help if you know the right buttons to click. I went online in search of what kind of music I should play for such an audience as there were going to be all these sorts of dignitaries and the cream of the society. I did quite a bit of research, and the results were rather funny than shocking because some of the artists that I was forced to get music of some I had never heard of. This is a surprise because being a DJ requires that at least you get to know most if not all the genres that are there. Well, I got my picks and bought some of that music online and got to practice with it in preparation for the show later that night. I was sure I was going to bring the house down.

I got to the show a few hours before it kicked off just to prepare myself and get the hang of the place. I got the hang of the place, and I was busy doing my thing in a few hours time. The night was going great, and it got to the part where the MC invited everyone to the dance floor, and I was asked to give my best. I played the music that I had downloaded, and they all stood there and just looked at me. For a moment I thought they were overwhelmed until one person booed me. I can stake my life on the fact that it was the minister of justice, but it was dark down there, so who can tell. Anyway, I reverted to the dancehall genre, and they were back on their feet dancing the night away. I was so embarrassed for being booed by a minister, and I won’t forget that experience until this day. I hope I forget it after today, though.

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