How I got my start as a DJ

From an early age I wanted to be a DJ. DJ’s really fascinated me. And to me it seemed that all DJ’s had the world at their feet. Lovely ladies always thronged around the DJ’s in my town. DJ’s were famous. And some were raking in good money. But above all, I wanted to become a DJ thanks to my love of music. It is one way I thought I could express myself better musically.

However, as I grew older, I realized that DJing was not an avenue for me to become an overnight success. I also realized that some of the reasons I wanted to become a DJ were woefully wrong. After meeting a number of successful DJs, and a thorough introspection, I determined that I wanted to become a DJ, yes, but not because I wanted to become famous, rich, and popular with girls; rather, because I loved good music. But if money and fame were going to come through that, well and good; I only didn’t want to expect too much.

I became an apprentice to a DJing virtuoso who used to DJ in the town’s discos. But I also found a number of free software which helped me to hone my skills. For example, the Virtual DJ Home was very instrumental in refining my skills. It is entirely free but fully functional. The software supported as many decks as I wanted, and it features all the whistles and bells that I expected- it had the loops, sampling, recording, key lock, sync, and so on. Besides being fully featured, Virtual DJ Home is supported by the community and is absolutely free- no hidden charges.

But there comes a time when a mouse and a keyboard alone won’t accommodate all your DJing skills. So at some point I decided to invest in a turntable and all the necessary accessories. I was confident that my skills were improving. For example, I had come to know how to beat-match, phrase, mix, Equalizing and etc. These skills are critically important to a DJ.

Beatmatching helps to develop as well as tune the ears so that you are aware what you need to listen for. It will help you to know when tracks drift out of time or out of phase etc. And it also helps to have the two tracks you are mixing to play virtually at the same tempo.

Phrasing is the mixing together of tracks at particular points in the song.

Equalizing is the boosting or dropping of certain frequencies so that two different tracks can blend well together. I have to admit that equalizing proved daunting to me at first, but thanks to my capable teacher, I was able to overcome. Equalizing, I came to realize, is an art in itself. It is both a tool and a means of creative expression, all at the same time.

Upon receiving valuable instruction and being sure of my DJing skills, I set out to invest in even more advanced hardware. I was advised by my instructor that as a budding DJ, I need an all-in-one controller- and that is the first thing I bought by the way. I bought some other hardware- include a timecode, a vinyl and Mixer route, etc. In no time, I became a ‘go-to’ DJ in town. Nowadays I perform in numerous places and people are acknowledging my skills.

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