Why I Still Love Being A DJ

The increasing impact of electric dance music on younger generation throughout the world since last few years has encouraged many people to be DJ or Disc Jockey, a person who plays popular recorded music at parties, clubs or on radio. In fact being a DJ is considered as a profession that is most enjoyable as they enjoy playing popular music at the most suitable venues not only in their own town but also all over the world.

The profession of DJ is considered as a most sought after job in this world after the successful live streaming of the festival of Ultra Music. People in this profession can have great time while producing popular music which makes thousands of people feel good while dancing on it. Professional DJs can lead a better life as they love being a DJ due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may include:

They get chance to dance and party with lots of people especially some of the most stunning and attractive women dancing sensuously on the songs played by them. You get highlighted while performing at such occasions.

You can remain in this profession even if you are over 40 years of age.

You can be a successful DJ even if you do not have professional knowledge about creating the best music

Girls get attracted to you more easily as you can wear clothes of latest fashion while playing music at parties and other similar occasions.

You need live an inept life as you have skills to entertain others by playing music as they like to listen to.

The artists of any genre can work in your collaboration while performing at any occasion

You can perform with the most popular celebrities of all ages even if you are still sweet sixteen or is not working as DJ since long

You can change your profession any time whether you have performed as DJ for few weeks or years as there is not time restrain in it.

You can be in this profession even if your English is not very good.

You can establish as a successful DJ even if your family owns a popular restaurant in the city and vice versa.

Your rider as DJ can contain your request for certain unreasonable things

You need not attend the party from the very start as you can entertain the guests of a party better if you jump into it after some time.

During your performance as DJ you can also play fireworks to make it more exciting

You can play the same songs several times while travelling to perform in various parts of the world.

You can wear various unusual things while performing at parties to attract more and more for twerking at the songs played by you

There is not educational binding on being DJ anywhere in this world as you can be one of them even after you have not completed your schooling or have completed your post graduation.

Thus I still love being DJ, for these reasons and many others.

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